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In 1976, after 20 successful but ultimately unfulfilling years as a breeder at the Government owned Pentlandfield breeding station, Dr Jack Dunnett left his secure employment and returned to his family home in Caithness to embark upon a new career as a private potato breeder.

In 1980 he formed Caithness Potato Breeders Ltd ( CPB ) with Marcel Guindi, who was a prominent exporter of seed potatoes from Scotland at this time.

By 1984, CPB felt they had some promising seedlings, so Caithness Potatoes was formed to commercially evaluate and develop these new varieties.

At this time in Scotland, a private, integrated potato business of this type was totally unique. In the years between then and now, Caithness has continued to be at the forefront in developing new concepts in potato breeding and marketing.

Bute   Bute has been selected for its strengths in the white pre-pack market. It produces high yields of bold, uniform bright tubers.
Divaa   Divaa is a very versatile early variety giving good yields of very bright tubers with very white skin and flesh. It is bred from Innovator and is very similar in performance except for its amazing skin brightness.


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