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FIMM (an abbreviation of four farm names) have been growing potatoes for over 25 years and have farmed in the west of Perthshire for over half a century. The business is now managed by Kate and Mike McDiarmid (son of the company’s founder, Duncan McDiarmid).

Today, the seed potato operations are managed by Mitch Hayfield and supported by Willie Rennie and his team, who grow over 200 ha of potatoes exclusively for Caithness Potatoes.

Since starting the business, FIMM have invested significantly in both the field and storage side of the potato business, and provide good quality seed to Caithness for both domestic and export customers.


Bute   Bute has been selected for its strengths in the white pre-pack market. It produces high yields of bold, uniform bright tubers.
Divaa   Divaa is a very versatile early variety giving good yields of very bright tubers with very white skin and flesh. It is bred from Innovator and is very similar in performance except for its amazing skin brightness.


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