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It is now 30 years since Caithness Potatoes entered the seed breeding industry. It is a leading player in the field of breeding, production and exports, and has a history of commercial success in UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand South Africa and Canada.

The Caithness breeding programme is currently active via the following breeding programmes:

  • Old Fargie Potato Breeders Ltd is a family owned business affiliated to Caithness and has been enthusiastically breeding new varieties for over 20 years from their family farm outside Perth. Notable recent successes include Sunrise, Apache, Golden Nugget and Bute.
  • Carlos Sombrero, an employee of the Caithness Group, is annually making new crosses for Caithness alongside trading Seed and Ware potatoes to mainly Spain and the Balearics. His seeds are sown and selected in Scotland: a strategy that has already led to the promising newcomer, Libertie.
  • The Caithness Group also has contractual agreements with several Dutch hobby breeders. This formation of Dutch hobby breeders has enabled the company to expand and diversify, culminating in the creation of Caithness BV: a Caithness company based in Holland, which will complement the Scottish and English seed production programme. The group has produced several promising varieties that are now nationally listed, and commercial production has been initiated in both the UK and the Netherlands.
  • The world renowned James Hutton Institute in Scotland has been commissioned by Caithness to produce cultivars, combining the institute’s breeders with Caithness’ commercial knowledge. This partnership has led to some of our most promising recent selections.

If you are a hobby breeder and interested in working with our team who trial and promote superior new varieties throughout Northern and Southern Europe, North Africa, South Africa, Australasia and much of Asia and North America, please send us an email detailing what you can offer.

Bute   Bute has been selected for its strengths in the white pre-pack market. It produces high yields of bold, uniform bright tubers.
Divaa   Divaa is a very versatile early variety giving good yields of very bright tubers with very white skin and flesh. It is bred from Innovator and is very similar in performance except for its amazing skin brightness.


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