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Sales to buyers in the UK for planting in the UK

Our conditions of sale:

Payment terms: customers with credit accounts: payment within 28 date of collection.

Unless prior written agreement has been obtained from Caithness Potatoes Ltd, the seed may not be exported from the UK. The varieties are subject to a Farm Save Seed Royalty (FSSR). It is a condition of sale that the seller must notify the breeder’s agent of all end users to enable FSSR collection. Click here to download our FSSR Special Conditions of Sale (PDF).

British Potato Trades Association conditions of SaleBPTA Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Sale of Seed Potatoes


Additional Conditions of Sale (by seed origin)

Health and disease tolerances

Seed of Scottish originCurrent Scottish Government tolerances.

Seed of English or Welsh origin: Current England a Wales Government tolerances.

Seed of EU origin: The current rules and practices of the Inter-European Trade in Potatoes: 


Sales to buyers planting outwith the EU: Please contact our export office for more information. 

Bute   Bute has been selected for its strengths in the white pre-pack market. It produces high yields of bold, uniform bright tubers.
Divaa   Divaa is a very versatile early variety giving good yields of very bright tubers with very white skin and flesh. It is bred from Innovator and is very similar in performance except for its amazing skin brightness.


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